With Divvy, it’s Ready. Set. Own. 

Since its founding in 2017, Divvy Homes has had one simple mission—make homeownership accessible to everyone. The innovative approach, which includes a three-year program and no-cost credit counseling, has helped thousands of families take another step toward the American Dream. 

At the heart of Divvy’s mission is a customer-centric approach. This approach leverages an intuitive tech-enabled application, flexible and innovative underwriting, people-friendly financial literacy tools, and a transparent savings program designed to help prepare customers for a traditional 30 year mortgage.  

Janese, Kristin and Andrew, Joe, and Chiquita and Charles are all Divvy success stories. With U.S. homeownership rates at record lows, each of these families sought an alternative pathway to purchase a home and came to Divvy for help along the way. Through Divvy, these families were able to boost their credit scores and save enough to qualify for a mortgage. Now they own their home and have a space their entire family loves that also serves as a vehicle for intergenerational wealth creation and financial stability. 

Meet some of the families that are so special to Divvy


Janese is a 29 year old sales professional, entrepreneur, and single mom of an active 7-year-old. In 2019, Janese was looking for a fresh start in a new city to support her family but knew she needed to improve her credit score first. Through Divvy, Janese was able to boost her credit score and found a home she loved for herself and her daughter – after just a few months in the Divvy program, Janese was able to qualify for a mortgage and purchased her home! Today, Janese is on the verge of launching a new business and describes her daughter as her “best friend.” 

I love my home! It was everything I was looking for at that moment.

Kristin and Andrew

Kristin and Andrew were looking to purchase a home together when the lease to their apartment ended in 2019. They saved up for a down payment but were denied a traditional mortgage because they had no established credit. The pair found Divvy through their real estate agent and started looking for a home they loved! When they found it, Divvy made an offer and they moved in just three and a half weeks later. After they moved in, Kristin and Andrew had the time they needed to build their credit and were able to secure a mortgage to purchase their home. Today, Kristin is a real estate agent herself and both she and Andrew had such a positive experience with Divvy that Kristin now recommends Divvy to her own clients! 

We had a great experience with Divvy from the beginning – white glove service!


Coming off a tough divorce, Joe needed to find a home of his own, and quickly. He began looking for a home that was close to his son’s school, had enough space to work on his favorite cars, and had a comfortable place for him to relax and read. Joe’s real estate agent encouraged him to try Divvy to help find a place that met all his needs and allowed the necessary time to save for a down payment. After 21 months, Joe was able to save up enough to purchase the home and now has a place that works for both him and his family. 

I don’t even want to think about where I would be without Divvy.

Chiquita and Charles

Chiquita and Charles were looking for their next home while living in an apartment with their two daughters and dog when they found out baby number 3 was on the way! They knew they needed to find a house with more space—and fast—but they needed more time to boost their credit to secure a mortgage. A family member (who was also a real estate agent) recommended Divvy. With Divvy, Chiquita and Charles were able to find a home that met all their family’s needs, including a bedroom for the new baby! They made it through the Divvy program and are now homeowners! Today, you can find the family settled in their new home, enjoying movie night, playing basketball as a family, and helping their daughter build a homemade lip gloss empire out of the spacious basement in their new home! 

This whole experience has given me a different outlook because in this day and age it’s hard to find a company that’s looking out for consumers. It was refreshing to go through the process and have it be even more than I was expecting.

Divvy is growing to serve more families like these

Over the last 5 years, Divvy has expanded to 16 markets across the U.S. and works with 35,000 real estate agents and thousands of customers. At the end of their three year program, the average customer has saved $16,000 toward their home’s downpayment. Additionally, nearly half of Divvy customers purchase their home within the three-year program, a rate that is double that of Divvy’s closest competitors. 

As Divvy continues to grow, investing in the customers and cities they live in will remain a top priority. In addition to leveraging technology to help people on the path to homeownership Divvy has prioritized getting to know the people they serve. Through direct customer engagement and focused research and analysis, Divvy will continue to strive for more success stories like Janese, Kristin and Andrew, Joe, Chiquita and Charles as the mission to make homeownership accessible to everyone continues. 

Ready to work with Divvy? 

If you’re ready to join the thousands of families who have used Divvy to get to the next step in their life, apply today! We’re on a mission to make homeownership accessible to everyone and the right home is out there—waiting for you to move in!

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