Truley is on track to become a first-time homeowner!

“It was a goal for me to buy a home before I turned 40,” says Truley, but issues in her financial history made that goal feel nearly impossible. “The financial situation was holding me back. This program is really excellent for people in my situation that can afford homeownership but aren’t credit-worthy enough.” When her real estate agent, Akia Shaw, introduced her to the Divvy program it sounded like a great fit.

Tuley owns her own trucking company—pre-pandemic, she’d spend almost half her time on the road. Before using Divvy, she was renting an apartment in a neighborhood she liked but found she needed a more comfortable space when she was home from work. “It was very important for me to have somewhere quiet. I didn’t like the apartment feel.” Having a comfortable, quiet space to call home was key. Plus, she wanted room for her nieces and nephews to play during family gatherings.

She started her home search with Divvy at the end of October and found the perfect home in only two weeks. Just a month after she started her Divvy journey, we’d closed on her new home and she was ready to move in. “It was the best Thanksgiving gift I could ever get,” says Truley.

Truley is loving life in her new home—she has almost ½ an acre in her backyard. “When my nieces and nephews come over, they have room to run around and get lost.” She’s loving the outdoor space and even has a koi pond. She’s also excited to make her home her own in the future.

“I bought an older home which has been updated well, but I can also put my own touch to it. I feel like a homeowner—I don’t feel like I rent it because I know at the end of the process I will be one.”

Overall, Truley is happy to have her own space and is looking forward to owning her home in the future. “I’m falling more and more in love with it every time I’m home.”

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