Living in your Divvy home

What happens once you’re moved in, living in your dream home? It’s not too different from traditional renting, but there are some specifics when renting-to-own with Divvy…

Renovations & home improvement

One of the best things about our program—you live in your dream home from day one. And we want to make sure it feels like home. 

As a tenant, you’ll be able to make your home your own through cosmetic improvements, like changing your home’s…

  • Paint colors
  • Flooring and/or carpet
  • Countertops
  • Window treatments
  • Appliances

For larger projects, like alterations to the structure, electrical, plumbing, or heating and cooling systems—or anything requiring a permit—you’ll need to wait until you own your home. After living there for 3 years, you should have a good idea about how the home would best be improved, too!

Repairs & maintenance

While you rent, Divvy covers all major repairs and maintenance of the critical systems, like your roof, electrical, plumbing, or heating and cooling systems to make sure your home is safe and habitable.

As a tenant, you’ll be responsible for any cosmetic issues as well as seasonal and preventative maintenance—like painting, flooring, gutter cleaning, landscaping, and changing air filters. 

To request a repair or flag an issue, reach out to the Divvy team by submitting a maintenance request through your customer portal. If you have a contractor or repair person in mind, you can get their quote approved by Divvy. If not, Divvy will find a trusted local provider and help arrange the repair.

Emergencies & urgent issues

Divvy’s team is available 24/7 for urgent issues, but it’s important to remember to contact your local utility provider if you have a dangerous or harmful issue related to utilities—like a gas leak or downed power lines—or 911 if there is an immediate emergency.

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2 thoughts on “Living in your Divvy home

  1. My husband and I are “just looking” right now… what properties could you show us in our area? We live in Marietta, GA right now and would like to move further north.
    Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi Kim! Our program lets you purchase almost any move-in ready single-family home on the market, so you won’t need to choose from a list of homes we already own. You can use our Search tool to view homes listed on the market, as well as an estimate of our pricing:

      Once a customer is fully approved, we’ll provide them with home pricing specific to their budget. Let us know if you have any other questions!

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