Kane and his family are building a new life in Tampa

After years of renting in Cape Coral, FL, Kane, his wife, and their five kids were ready for something new. “We had been toying with the idea of being homeowners for a while,” says Kane. “But we’ve historically struggled with saving large amounts of money because we have five kids.” They considered purchasing the home they were renting, but during the pandemic their living situation became tested when the owners decided to urgently sell the home. “At that point, we were in the height of the pandemic, and they were insisting on having multiple viewings per week. We’d have 10-15 random strangers walking through our house every week. And you know, COVID is going on.”

Kane and his family had a tight timeline and decided to use Divvy’s program in the Atlanta area. They found a home and were days away from closing. “At the last minute, unforeseen circumstances caused us to pivot from Atlanta to Tampa,” says Kane.

Divvy really bent over backward to make sure that we found a home. They put us immediately in contact with an amazing real estate agent here in Tampa. I really can’t speak highly enough of everyone’s involvement.

They had a tall order when it came to a new home—it needed to provide enough space for their seven-person family, cats, and dog, and give Kane space to work from home. “The house we managed to find is big enough to give me a workspace and give all the kids their own bedroom. It’s been a world of difference; everyone is happy. It’s only been a few months, and it already feels like home,” says Kane. Their home sits next to a 3,000-acre boy scout camp and is a big size upgrade from their previous rental home. Now, backyard bonfires, s’mores with the kids, and nature walks are a regular occurrence. “We’re on the nature coast, surrounded by national forests and parks—there’s nature everywhere.” 

Kane and his wife are excited about buying their home back in the future. After previously struggling to save for a down payment, Divvy offers them a clearer path to homeownership. “Saving that money is already built-in and budgeted for us. Having it baked into what our monthly payments are for rent, we know that at the end of our lease we’re going to have that lump sum saved up,” says Kane.

“If we’re excited about anything, it’s to take a breath, relax and start to enjoy all of these benefits that we’ve gained.”

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