Jennel is on the path to homeownership

After living in New York for most of her life, Jennel, a mom of three, was ready for more space. She and her husband, along with their kids, had been living with family in the New York area and she felt ready for homeownership. “You know, to actually have something to call home, something that’s yours, is better than renting,” says Jennel. When her mom and brothers moved to the Atlanta area, she saw it as an opportunity to get the space she wanted. She felt confident that it was the right time to start searching for a home for her family. “Any time in the now is the right time, you know.”

She looked at qualifying for a traditional mortgage but has struggled with student loan debt that has affected her credit. Her mom recommended Divvy as an alternative and her husband was able to qualify. “I was like this is too good to be true, it was surreal.”

Even if someone’s credit isn’t where it needs to be, Divvy gives them an opportunity.

In less than two months, Jennel and her family were moved into their new home. “The process was beautiful, so easy. The space I have now, you wouldn’t find that in New York. I’m comfortable and I’m happy. The kids have lots of space outside, I even bought them a trampoline.”

Jennel already feels like a homeowner, too, “This is home, from the time I walked in and did my initial walkthrough, I said this is my home, this is my kids’ home.”

Congratulations on your new home Jennel!

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