In 2022, Divvy Homes Welcomes Strong Growth and Fresh Leadership to its Ranks

Divvy Homes, a market leader in the proptech industry, is thrilled to announce key additions to its leadership team. In addition to new hires and promotions in January, the company added Ankit Tanwar as the Vice President of Risk & Risk Operations and Shelby Washington as the Vice President and General Manager of Growth Business in March. More recently, this summer Rachel Ergmann joined as the Vice President of Talent Acquisition; Jon Parise joined as the Vice President of Technology, and Rohin Vazirani joined as the Vice President of Capital Markets.  

These new additions represent Divvy’s next phase of growth and highlight a significant milestone- gender parity in senior leadership roles. Women make up half of Divvy’s executive and senior-level leadership roles, a feat that outpaces the tech industry and S&P 500 companies, which claim less than 30% female representation in similar positions. 

“With Divvy, our customers know they can realize their dream of owning a home. Our model has proven to work, and as a result, we have grown incredibly fast. 2022 has been an incredible year for us. Building a team led by collaborative, empathetic, and action-oriented leaders is critical to our success as we continue to grow and serve more people. I could not be more excited to work with Ankit, Shelby, Rachel, Jon, and Rohin to the Divvy Family. Their experience and commitment to excellence inspire me to lead Divvy into the future of what our industry can be – more inclusive and accessible to everyone,” Divvy Homes CEO Adena Hefets.

Divvy welcomes Ankit, Shelby, Rachel, Jon, and Rohin after being honored as one of the best places to work by Fortune Magazine and one of the most influential companies in the world by TIME100 earlier this year. They will work alongside CEO Adena Hefets, recently awarded Inman’s 2022 Innovator of the Year, and CFO Thomas Egan, a finalist for Bay Area CFO of the Year.

Meet the newest members of the leadership team and the challenges they’ll be taking on in their roles

Ankit Tanwar (Spring ‘22)- Vice President of Risk and Risk Operations   

Divvy presents a new challenge in my career, which is why I was so excited to join the company. Beyond the work, the core values that inspire the work have always fueled my career and are what attracted me to this role. I am excited to be a part of the special mission Divvy is leading – to make homeownership more accessible to everyone. Each day, my team and I work to solve problems that have a real-world impact, and we take that incredibly seriously. Thousands of people have turned to Divvy to help them make one of the biggest decisions in their lives, and in my role, I aim to keep the company in a position to help thousands more.”- Ankit Tanwar

Ankit comes to Divvy with over 15 years of experience, most recently from Stilt, where he was the Head of Credit, Risk, and Analytics. As VP of risk and risk operations, Ankit will build and manage frameworks around Divvy’s core product offering, increasing both scalability and reach. He will focus on developing and enhancing the procedures, models, and policies Divvy has in place to ensure an appropriate level of consumer risk in our portfolio.

Shelby Washington (Spring ’22)- Vice President and General Manager of Growth Business

“I joined Divvy for the mission and opportunity to drive growth. Divvy has a unique vision for creating an end-to-end customer experience that makes homeownership inclusive and accessible to everyone. Working at Divvy presented an opportunity to work alongside talented, mission-driven colleagues and build new business lines that will drive the company’s next growth stage. Divvy is poised to meet the unique demands of today’s complex real estate market, and I’m thrilled to be along for the ride.”Shelby Washington

Shelby joins Divvy after three years with NerdWallet, where she served as Senior Director & General Manager, leading the Banking, Investing, Taxes & Insurance teams. Shelby will lead Divvy’s Growth Businesses team and oversee the building, launching, and scaling of Divvy’s new business lines to help serve Divvy customers more holistically. Shelby joins Divvy with nearly 15 years of financial services and fintech experience and will use her strategic vision to help guide the company into its next chapter.

Rachel Ergmann (Summer ‘22)- Vice President of Talent Acquisition

Since its founding in 2017, Divvy has grown significantly and been such a great story- a startup whose core mission does good for the world. As the company enters its next chapter of growth, I am excited to join a team on a mission to change what real estate can mean for millions across the country. To do that well, we’re going to need the best people. Divvy has positively impacted the lives of thousands already, and I look forward to continuing the journey together.

Rachel joins Divvy after almost eight years with NerdWallet, where she helped scale the company through hypergrowth and also managed hiring for their venture businesses/acquired companies. As VP of Talent Acquisition, Rachel will build, lead, and manage all aspects of Recruiting at Divvy Homes.

Jon Parise (Summer ‘22)-Vice President of Technology

“My goal throughout my career has been to leave things better than I’ve found them. Divvy’s technology empowers people to take ownership of their journey toward buying their own homes.  It’s a big responsibility that will have a big impact for so many people, and it’s an honor to lead a team that will directly affect the lives of so many. Divvy’s growth has been awe-inspiring, and I am eager to work to improve what we have now.”

Jon joins Divvy after nearly a decade at Pinterest, where he served as a technical leader and lead architect under the CTO. Jon will drive technical direction as a member of Divvy’s engineering leadership team.

Rohin Vazirani (Summer ‘22)-Vice President of Capital Markets

“Homeownership is the single biggest financial decision a family will make in their lifetime. Owning a home means so much to many people, and in today’s ever-changing economy, home ownership may feel uncertain or out of reach for even more people. Divvy’s product provides economic certainty to customers even in uncertain times. As the Vice President of Capital Markets, our team will ensure that Divvy is well positioned to be the steady hand to help people achieve their ultimate goal of homeownership. I am honored to be joining Divvy in my next career step.”

Rohin joins Divvy after fifteen years with Morgan Stanley and Bank of America, serving in various roles within Capital Markets and Sales & Trading.  Rohin will lead the Capital Markets team in sourcing and new financing structures, increasing Divvy’s scalability and reach.

Be a Part of the Growth Journey and Join the Divvy Team

Divvy’s journey to make homeownership more accessible for everyone is building momentum, and we’re looking for more people to join us. 

Interested in taking the next steps in your career with Divvy? Divvy is hiring across all levels, including: 

Director of Product Management

Director of Data Science – Customer

Director of Data Science – Pricing

Head of Strategic Partnerships

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