How Kristin and Andrew went from no credit to their own home

After a water leak that might have been a “life-happens” moment grew into “quite the experience” for Kristin and Andrew, they knew it was time to leave apartment living behind. “We knew that as our lease was approaching the end, we had to get to our home. We had to find a house,” Kristin says.

The couple had been preparing carefully for their homeownership milestone, and they were confident they had what it takes. As Kristin puts it, “I had the income. I had my down payment set up. I thought I was in a great position to buy. I was ready for the responsibility of homeownership.” But when Kristin approached mortgage lenders, she says they taught her “a hard truth.” A lifetime of living within her means had come at a surprising cost. “For so many years, I thought that not having a credit card, paying all my bills with cash—I thought that was a responsible thing to do.” Instead Kristin learned she had no credit at all, and that without a track record for paying debts, she couldn’t convince banks of her eligibility for a home loan. 

Meanwhile, Kristin and Andrew’s dogs needed a yard. And Kristin and Andrew needed a true home.

That’s where Divvy came in. When their realtor suggested they apply, the couple went into research mode, and came away feeling they had nothing to lose by applying. “That first step was only a soft pull on our credit. I was now learning about the credit game,” Kristin remembers. She was approved within 24 hours and the home shopping began. As they moved through their home search process, Kristin says it “definitely felt like a partnership and Divvy really wants to help folks. And that’s one thing that just really makes them so much different than so many programs out there. They really wanted to help me become a homeowner.”

That’s exactly what happened, less than three years later. While they rented their dream home, Kristin and Andrew built their credit history (along with a new career in real estate for Kristin, and a new remodeling business they share). Now when Kristin needs a moment to relax, she can always turn to her kitchen window. “I have the most incredible backyard, and my sink overlooks it, and so many times I find myself there just staring out the window, taking a breath.”

For Kristin, home “is my safe place. It’s where my family is safe.” That sense of security extends beyond their property line, too. “We have the most incredible neighbors and the community that we have built here with them has just been so amazing and so comforting. Especially when everyone’s world was turned upside down over the last few years, we were able to still have good feelings and hope that life would go on.” And go on it has. “We couldn’t be happier.”

Hear it straight from Kristin & Andrew in their Ready. Set. Own. commercial: