How Felicia found everything she needed in a home

Felicia is a single mom living and working in the Houston area. She had homeownership aspirations and spent the last few years working on her credit. Her biggest hurdle was saving for a down payment, but she planned to use her VA benefits. She found the perfect home and was a week away from closing when she found out her VA benefits were not going to come through. “That was crushing, it really was,” says Felicia.

Renting had been a challenge for her and her family. When Hurricane Harvey hit in 2017, their rental home was severely damaged—parts of their roof collapsed due to water damage and there was a severe mold problem. For 8 months, Felicia and her kids were forced to live with holes in their roof while they negotiated with property management. “My kids were getting sick, I was getting sick. I had to go to court, and I was still expected to pay rent,” says Felicia. “The stress level was monumental. And to not have to worry about those things now and know my kids have their forever home, I have so much gratitude.”

Felicia’s realtor told her about Divvy and thought it was the perfect fit for her. “This program came right at the right time.” She immediately got started, and in no time she was shopping for homes. “I had a very specific list;” Felicia was after a home filled with light. She also wanted a big kitchen, so she and her kids could spend time cooking together. After a short search, she found the perfect home. “Instantly, when me and my kids walked into this property, we all sighed at the same time. It was like a breath of fresh air,” says Felicia. “Me and my kids loved it, it was perfect for us.” Her agent wrote an offer that night and just over 10 days later, they were ready to close. 

Her move-in date was set for February. Within a few weeks, the big freeze hit Texas. Luckily, her new home was able to keep her and her family safe, protected, and warm during the storm. Her gas fireplace was able to heat the entire home, and she hosted her brother, daughter, and family friends. “This one fireplace kept us alive and warm.”

Now, she’s focused on spending the next few months getting prepared to qualify for a mortgage to buy her home back. “The whole vision is in my brain,” Felicia is ready to truly customize her home. She already has her eyes set on a pool in her huge backyard once she owns it outright. “When I come home, I feel like I can actually breathe and relax. I don’t have that anxiety anymore.”

“There are a lot of things in the home that I’ve absolutely fallen in love with. Everything I didn’t know I needed is here.”

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