Managing home viewings during the COVID-19 pandemic

We know how important it is to keep our partner agents and customers safe while home shopping during the COVID-19 pandemic. Here are a few key things to keep in mind when attending viewings with your clients.

Get familiar with state and local guidelines

First things first, you should look into the health guidelines that affect the city or area you work in. Make sure you’re fully up-to-speed on your state and city’s guidelines, health orders, and restrictions. These could affect the types of homes you’re able to view (i.e. owner- or tenant-occupied homes), limit the number of people able to attend a viewing, or dictate certain health screening procedures.

For a detailed guide on COVID-19 protocols, check out this resource from the National Association of Realtors.

Steps to take before, during, and after viewings

Before the viewing

  1. Leverage virtual home shopping and tours—get your clients in the habit of looking through listings online, identifying dealbreakers, and building shortlists of properties they’re truly interested in
  2. Organize home viewings by appointment only so you can limit the number of people in the home at one time
  3. Ask clients and sellers to disclose COVID-19 symptoms prior to viewings

At the viewing

  1. Get there early to open the front door, open all cabinets, closet, window coverings, and turn on lights. If the unit is occupied, ask the person living there to do the same before leaving the home
  2. Follow social distancing guidelines, maintaining a minimum of six feet of space between people at all times. Avoid shaking hands with clients
  3. Ask all clients viewing the property to immediately wash their hands or use hand sanitizer, remove footwear or wear booties, and wear a face mask or covering
  4. Make sure your clients at the viewing know to avoid touching surfaces in the home, like light switches, cabinets, and door handles
  5. Don’t allow any clients to use the bathroom at the property
  6. Don’t share personal property, like phones, pens, or tablets, during the viewing

After the viewing

  1. Wipe down any surfaces touched during the showing with a sanitizing wipe or disinfecting cleaner
  2. Talk with your clients outside the home to get their thoughts and answer any questions
  3. Avoid using paper documents—follow up with any information electronically after you leave the property
  4. Keep a log of all your appointments and viewings for easy contact tracing. Make sure to keep a record of names, dates, and locations of interactions, as well as contact information

Remember to stay up-to-date on your state and local guidelines as they change frequently too. If you’re ready to take your clients home shopping, get started here!

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