Getting started as a Divvy agent

Getting started as an agent with Divvy is simple—you can get set up in a couple of minutes and instantly start referring clients! Let’s run through how it works.

Signing up as an Agent

Our Agent application is simple, we’ll ask you for a few details, like your operating metro along with which cities you prefer to work in and you’ll be good to go!

Once you’ve completed the application, you’ll receive an email with your login link. Hit that button and you’ll be brought to your Divvy portal—this is your all-in-one CRM tool. Here, you’ll be able to keep track of all your Divvy clients and where they are in the application process. You’ll also have access to resources like our agent FAQs and webinar and marketing templates you can use. 

Referring clients

Our agents are our partners, and we so appreciate all the work our agents do to refer new customers to Divvy. We’ve tried to make referring clients super simple, so there are two options:

  1. Select “+ Invite new client” in the upper right-hand corner to send an email invitation to your client
  2. Select “Refer” on the menu bar on the left-hand side to create and send your personalized referral link
    • Once you create your link, you can copy and share with your clients

Your personalized referral link is a great resource for getting new clients—you can put this link anywhere, like your Facebook page or in any ads you post. Anyone who clicks it, whether they know you or not, will automatically be associated with your account and get filtered into your portal as a lead.

Helping clients through the Divvy application process

Once you’ve successfully referred your first client and have associated clients in your Divvy portal, you can track where they are in the process. Here are the key stages of the Divvy application process:

  • Application started: Your client has started the application, but hasn’t completed it yet.
  • Pre-Qualified: Your client has completed the initial application and has been pre-qualified with a preliminary budget. They’ll need to upload documentation and verify at least 6 months of consistent income. Once completed, your client will hear from our underwriting team between 24 and 48 hours. 
  • Conditionally Approved: Your client has received an approved budget and needs to verify funds for their initial home savings contribution (down payment) to be fully approved.
  • On Hold: Your client’s application is currently awaiting Divvy review. 
  • Lost: Your client has been unresponsive.
  • Fully Approved: Your client is ready to go shopping with a fully approved home budget!

You can always remind your clients to upload missing documents or move forward with their application too!

So, ready to start partnering with Divvy and sign up as an Agent? Sign up now.

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