Divvy’s Top 6 Qualities for Finding the Perfect Real Estate Agent


At Divvy, we understand that buying a home is one of the most exciting and important steps you will take in your life. That is why seeking out a well-trained and respected real estate agent is so important! An agent will be your guide, confidant and chief advisor throughout the home-buying process. From finding the right home, to ensuring the home quality, to negotiating with the seller, your real estate agent will quickly prove to be an invaluable resource on your home-buying journey.

Divvy has worked with an extensive roster of amazing agents and have been able to distill the top 6 qualities to look for in the perfect real estate agent.

6. Organization and Attention to Detail

The process of purchasing real estate requires an unbelievable amount of moving parts. If any one part goes wrong, it could lead to losing the deal and ultimately saying goodbye to your dream home.

When finding your agent, look for someone with a keen eye for detail. From the initial paperwork to the final closing, you want someone meticulously working through all of the specifications and avoiding careless errors.  Find a real estate agent with excellent organization skills and strong attention to detail and leave those worries to them.

5. Proactive and Responsive

Real estate moves fast! You need a real estate agent with the gumption and the drive to get the work done efficiently. A good real estate agent ensures that all parties have every document in hand ahead of time, without having to be asked for it. They know that back and forth only slows deals down, and therefore they ensure that all their ducks are in a row before beginning the process. They follow up; when they go too long without an answer on a query, they offer professional and courteous reminders. They are masters of communication, and they understand that a fast answer will always keep the process moving and ultimately serve your interests best.

4. Knowledgeable about Financing Options

Your real estate agent will also serve as an advisor as you look into the various financing options.  You, therefore, want a real estate agent who comes with a comprehensive understanding of traditional mortgages and non-traditional forms of financing, such as Divvy. You also want a real estate agent who can navigate the qualification process so you can apply for and receive the best possible loan for your specific circumstances.

3. Knowledge about the Market and Home Quality

A qualified real estate understands how to determine and assess quality during the home visitation process. This foresight can preemptively knock out large issues early on and ultimately save you serious time, money and frustration.

A qualified real estate agent should also possess a strong understanding of the your area’s market as a whole. They understand the value of individual properties in relation to other neighborhoods and can, therefore, help you make the best offer with your region’s market in mind.  

2. Hustle

Let’s face it – the real estate industry is all about hustle. A strong real estate agent has the energy and the enthusiasm to get things done! Deals don’t just get done on their own in this business. Your real estate agent is a spark lighting the fire to motivate and move processes along and ultimately, get you a home!

  1. Integrity and Honesty

All that hustle, however, must be paired with a strong sense of integrity and honesty. Your real estate agent should always have your interests at heart. Integrity also means telling their clients the hard truth. Often, these may be truths that you will not want to hear, but a good real estate knows that brutal honesty is sometimes what it takes to see your dream realized. Remember, they are representing YOU and you alone.

By keeping an eye out for these six qualities, we know that you will find a real estate agent perfectly equipped to help you find your forever home!

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