Moving Into a New Home with a Pond, Apple Trees, and a Barn

When shopping for a home, most people imagine all the amazing features their new home will have. But very few of them imagine getting a whole lot of land, a pond, a barn, apple trees, a modern kitchen with granite countertops, four bedrooms, and two bathrooms.  

Divvy customers Tammy and Tom weren’t imagining all that when they began looking for a home, but that’s exactly what they got — and they couldn’t be happier with it. We spoke with them recently to learn more about their family’s story. 

In search of more space and a shorter commute

Both Tom and Tammy have lived in the Cleveland area for many years, which is where they met and fell in love. They have three sons who are all teenagers. That makes for a full house! 

They enjoy living in the Cleveland area; the only thing they don’t like is that it snows all through January and February. 

A few years ago, Tom got a job working at a steel mill right outside of Cleveland. He liked the job but it was a long commute (one hour each way) and he knew eventually he’d like to live closer to work. He liked the idea of buying a home and discussed it with Tammy. She agreed, and they began their home search in 2019. 

Finding a new way to get the home

Around this time, Tom saw a local realtor post on Facebook about Divvy, explaining how the Divvy program works. He was intrigued and showed it to Tammy. She thought it looked good, so they agreed to reach out and learn more about Divvy. 

They had been tracking their credit scores and knew their credit might prevent them from getting approved for a mortgage. They liked the fact that with Divvy they could move into the home immediately and have time to improve their credit scores.

The couple planned to buy the home from Divvy within 3 years. In the meantime, they would get to enjoy everything about it. 

Looking for the perfect home 

Working with the realtor, Melissa Lupton, Tammy and Tom began looking at homes closer to his place of work. They already had a picture in their heads of what the perfect house would look like: 

  • It would be closer to Tom’s work so he could reduce his commute time. 
  • It would have more room for their family. 
  • It would have a nice master bedroom. 
  • It would have two bathrooms. 

Before starting their home search, they weren’t sure what kind of home they would be able to get but they felt a lot of optimism. They spoke with Melissa and told her what they were looking for. She was confident they could find the right home with Divvy. 

Fortunately, they didn’t have to wait long, as the 2nd home Melissa showed them was the perfect fit. It was a beautifully updated home and it came with a lot of land. 

Not only that, but it had a pond, a barn, and apple trees. They fell in love with it at first sight. Tom said, “We got there and I immediately felt like I was home.” 

The house was totally updated with all new appliances and all new heating and cooling systems. That gave both Tammy and Tom a great sense of peace of mind. “We were really excited about the kitchen. That was one of the things we were most excited to take advantage of.” 

They were thrilled with the entire Divvy process and with their realtor. “She did a really good job. We were really happy with her,” they told us.  

“I’m very happy with everything Divvy did,” said Tom. “From Day 1 when we found the realtor to when we bought the home from them. They made sure everything went smoothly. During the process of getting approved for the mortgage, our lender requested documents and things from Divvy and their team was very responsive.” 

Happily ever after 

Now that they own the home, Tammy and Tom are so happy and they continue to enjoy it everyday. Cooking in the kitchen is much more pleasant. The home feels more livable. “Everything’s great; it’s bigger, it’s more modern, it’s better in every way.” 

Tom appreciates having a shorter commute, saving time everyday that he can spend with his family. Their oldest son just graduated from high school and the whole family celebrated with him. 

The family has a lot more space in the new home and they are not as crowded as before. The huge property and the pond are a nice benefit as well. “This is like a whole different life now. It’s much different than living in the city with a tiny little lot on a small city block.” 

They also appreciate that the home is close to groceries, shopping, and other amenities. So they don’t have to go far to pick up supplies. “We’re not far away from stores, which is convenient. It’s the best of all worlds.”  

Congratulations to Tammy & Tom and their entire family! We’re very glad to have been part of your journey to homeownership.


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