Celebrating National Nurses Week with Amy K.

Here at Divvy, the global pandemic has made us appreciate our nurses, doctors, and medical support staff more than ever. We imagine it’s the same for you, no matter where you live. 

That’s why we’re so happy to celebrate National Nurses Week, which ends today on the birthday of Florence Nightingale, by sharing the story of our very own Divvy customer and frontline health hero, Amy K.

Amy’s Story 

Amy K. is an ER nurse in the Cleveland area. She grew up in Painesville, Ohio and moved to Cleveland after securing a job in the nearby community of Bedford. A desire to serve others and a preference for a fast-paced career led her to become an EMT. For almost 20 years, she helped people in the most difficult moments of their lives, witnessing the highs and lows that go along with responding to 911 calls and riding in ambulances. 

In 2018, she decided to make a career change. She wanted to serve her community in a different way and determined that she would make the switch from EMT to ER nurse. After two years of nursing school, she was ready to get her first hospital job. And she was thrilled to get it at a family medicine hospital in the Cleveland suburbs. 

There was just one problem. She had a long commute, driving one hour each way to and from the hospital. And at the time, she was living with family in a house that had started to feel crowded. She badly wanted to buy a home close to work. 

Amy’s Home 

In 2019, Amy learned about Divvy Homes and was intrigued by the way our program works. After thoroughly researching it, she was excited. 

She felt this would be the perfect step towards homeownership. What she liked most about Divvy was that she could move into the home immediately and own it outright in just 3 years or less. 

Working with the Divvy team and her real estate agent, Amy found a delightful, spacious home located just 2 miles from the hospital. It was a Cape-Cod style house, built in 1956 and located in a quiet neighborhood near hiking and biking trails. 

Divvy made the process easy from start to finish. “I haven’t run into a better bunch of people,” she told us. Most importantly, she loves her new home. 

Amy’s Next Chapter  

Amy moved into her new home in December of last year. Now that she is settled in and has replaced her one-hour commute with a 5-minute commute, she can devote herself to her work and personal life. In this time of COVID-19, she and her co-workers have been spending everyday caring for hospital patients and they’re ready to do what’s necessary to continue that level of care throughout 2020 and beyond.

To thank Amy and her co-workers for their efforts, Divvy recently dropped off lunch at the hospital. Congratulations, Amy! And thank you for all you do. 



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  1. We as her parents are so very proud of her. She has worked so hard and loves her job…Keep going , Honey but we sure mis you

  2. Amy is a great person and exactly the kind of person we need on the front lines of the pandemic. I can tell the affect that she has on the whole staff at the ER!

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