Cecelia and Scott’s Story with Divvy

Cecelia and Scott made the move from New York to Florida a little over three years ago. “It was the best decision we ever made,” says Cecelia. They needed more space for their three kids and were looking for more stability in their life. But after renting a tiny apartment in Tampa for years, they were still searching for their forever home.

“Honestly, we were just kind of accepting that we would keep renting our tiny apartment.” Cecelia and Scott were ready to find more space for their family but didn’t feel confident in their options. “I was nervous about renting a house from a landlord who might turn around and sell the home on you,” says Cecelia.

They knew that their credit was going to be a hurdle if they tried to qualify for a mortgage and they also didn’t have the funds for a down payment. When they first found Divvy, it felt like the right fit: a program that could give them stability and space for their family, with an option to buy their home back at any time.

“I always wanted to buy a home, I just didn’t think I could,” says Cecelia.

Their home shopping experience was very smooth, “We actually moved into the first house we looked at, we loved it so much.” Their new home has everything they were after—plenty of outdoor space for their kids and a safe and supportive community. “To me, being from New York, it’s a mansion,” says Cecelia.

For Cecelia, renting with Divvy feels different—she already feels like a homeowner. “It feels like my home. I’ve rented before and my landlord was always popping in. It didn’t feel like my home, I always had to ask permission.” They’ve already started making their home their own: they’ve painted, redone the back patio, and are getting to work redoing the landscaping in the front lawn.

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