A Letter to Our Customers and Agents

Over the last week, like many Americans, I’ve been spending my time at home reflecting on the importance of homeownership. During these challenging times, we are reminded of the importance of our families, our health and having a roof over our heads. That is why Divvy Homes is staying open; having a home for your family has never been so important.

Today, homeownership is still so core to the American dream, representing safety, security, and family. The recent events have served to only make it more true – home is our shelter, our safe haven, and our investment vehicle.  

However, over the past several years homeownership has become increasingly difficult for many Americans to achieve.  We founded Divvy with the goal to create a stair-step between renting and owning a home. The industry today is very binary: You either rent a home or you dive into the deep end and get a mortgage. There is no in-between. What Divvy provides is something truly unique, which is access to the home you want today, without having to take on the financial risk of a mortgage.

We know there is a lot of uncertainty ahead, but we remain open & committed to helping customers & agents navigate through the next few months & beyond. We’ve had to make a few changes to our requirements for purchasing homes and underwriting tenants (see here). These were required of us by our investors to stay open. However, we thought these were fair trade-offs for being able to stay open and serve our customers.

We want to help customers move into their forever homes and help communities that wouldn’t typically have access to home ownership. Now, more than ever, the importance of making sure home “feels like home” is evident, and we want to help families across the country create that for themselves.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at support@divvyhomes.com — we’re here for you. We will get through this, as a community, as a family, together.

Stay safe,

Adena Hefets


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