Trennessa and David Became Homeowners in Georgia with Divvy

Summary: Trennessa and David are a sweet couple who found a home with Divvy after moving from Illinois to Georgia. Now, after just 10 months of living in the home, they are proud to call themselves homeowners.

A happy couple 

At its best, a home gives you more freedom and more possibilities. It allows you to grow and expand your world. That’s what Trennessa and David were looking for when they found Divvy. 

Trennessa works with special needs adults, making their lives easier, healthier, and happier. David buys and sells vintage toys and runs a YouTube channel for other collectors and hobbyists

The couple had lived in Illinois for several years, where they met and moved in together. However, Trennessa lost her job and had difficulty finding a new one in the surrounding area. After a lot of consideration, they decided to start a new adventure by moving to Georgia in 2019. 

But there was just one problem: they didn’t know if they’d be able to buy a home. 

Making the move

After planning the move for months, Trennessa and David packed up and traveled 700 miles to start their new life in a new state and a new apartment. Fortunately, Trennessa had family nearby so the couple was able to quickly begin putting down roots. They started meeting new people, attending church, and scouting cities and neighborhoods they’d like to buy a home in. 

They found a neighborhood they loved, a suburb of Atlanta called “Conyers,” that has a historic “olde town” and quiet, tree-lined streets. 

They were excited about finding a home in Conyers, but they knew the mortgage would be a hurdle. Trennessa had switched careers and David was self-employed, which put their finances outside the box of what mortgage companies seemed to want. “From a lender’s perspective, we were at square one,” said David. 

The couple knew they needed another option. That’s when a friend from church suggested Divvy. “What we loved about Divvy is they were willing to work with us and we could still get the home we wanted,” said Trennessa. 

Getting the home 

After working with their realtor and Divvy, the couple was able to find a beautiful, 3-bedroom home in Conyers with an open living room, a fireplace, a spacious kitchen, and a backyard. It was everything they had been hoping for. 

Most importantly, they were thrilled to have their own home. “In an apartment you feel like you can’t do anything,” said Trennessa. “You can’t paint or put holes in the wall. But when it’s your home, you can do what you want. You can decorate, make it yours, and feel like you’ve accomplished something.”

David agreed, saying “when we lived in an apartment, we could hear everything our neighbors did and smell everything they cooked.”

After moving into their new home, they painted the walls and turned the basement into a collectibles room where David also films his YouTube videos. Trennessa has gotten the YouTube bug as well, and now they’ve started creating videos together. They find vintage toys at conventions, thrift stores, and on the internet and sell or trade them to other collectors. 

Becoming owners 

In January of this year, Trennessa and David purchased their home from Divvy. They are now officially homeowners! The process worked perfectly for them as they were able to get all their finances in order so they could get approved for the mortgage (and live in the home the whole time). 

“Divvy was great to work with the whole way through,” said Trennessa. “Everyone was really helpful and responsive. I’m so glad we found Divvy and so glad we got this home.” 

Congrats to David and Trennessa on becoming homeowners!

Interested in working with Divvy to start your journey to homeownership? Click here to get pre-qualified and start working with our team. 

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