Meet Nash and Pam

Nash and Pam - Divvy's newest homeowners

Meet Nash and Pam – Divvy’s newest homeowners.

Nash is an educator, which has been a lifelong calling. Pam works on the family business and crochets on the side with the hopes of building out an online business. They enjoy serving at their church – Nash teaching Sunday School and singing and Pam doing the multimedia.

Having run into a few financial hardships, Nash and Pam had to move in with Nash’s sister – it was the only option they had.  “We fell on hard times and luckily Nash’s sister was generous enough to let us stay.” Pam told Divvy.  “Living in a small house with so many people made living space hard to come by. We ate out a lot just to get out of the house.”

While living with his sister, Nash took a principal position at an all boys school, and they were able to stabilize their finances. The time had come to find their own place again. Aspiring to be homeowners, they started working with a realtor. Because they didn’t have enough saved for a down payment, they needed to find a way to buy a home without a mortgage. That’s when their realtor recommended Divvy.

“It’s a great opportunity if you’re in a good position but just don’t have the down payment yet. You can rent a home that you want to own, and Divvy provided that opportunity. That was really the key.” recalled Nash.

Nash and Pam moved into their Atlanta home back in January of 2019. They immediately loved their big backyard and made some new “friends”. “We’ve named the ducks, geese, everything, we just look out and watch it. We love it.”

In April 2020, Nash and Pam were able to buy the home back from Divvy and are now the proud owners of their home.  Congratulations on your achievement, Nash and Pam!


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