Early Option Price Announcement

As CEO and co-founder of Divvy Homes, I have the pleasure of announcing our new Early Option Price. 

Our Early Option Price allows you to buy back the home for a lower price if you close on the home before the 18th month of your lease. The Early Option Price price is not yet posted on our website but is calculated as the average between the original purchase price and your standard purchase price.

This is an exciting new policy inspired by conversations with both current and future customers that are looking forward to purchasing their homes as soon as possible. By providing this Early Option Price, we believe we can help even more people become homeowners sooner.

As you know, Divvy allows you to rent your future house until you’re ready for a mortgage. You have up to 3 years to buy your home, but we know that some customers will be ready sooner – maybe even within the first year, or first few months! You can choose from almost any home for sale, providing flexibility both in terms of home choice and when to purchase.

We’re always here to answer questions on this or any other policy. Our mission to help as many people as possible own their next home, and this is another step in that direction.


Adena & the Divvy Team

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